Non-scientific publications

Article in Daily Graphic (01/11/2019) - Ghana: Use organic resources as fertilisers - farmers encouraged

During the Accra conference organized by the Food Systems Caravan in October 2019, the ORM4Soil team was interviewed by the Daily Graphic.The article comes in a time of greater attention to organic resources from the authorities, which increasingly recognize these valuable inputs as key for a truly sustainable national agricultural strategy.

Student Reporters (10/07/2017) - ORM4Soil students' experiences from the field (1.5 MB)

In this series, the ORM4Soil students report their field experiences and viewpoints. Covering some of their insights and personal perspectives in a collection of interdisciplinary stories, they provide a glimpse of what it means to be part of a diverse and international team focused on finding solutions to increase soil fertility build-up in Africa.