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Training in Mali capacitates farmers to produce their own Gliricidia tree seedlings


A three day training in the villages of Mafeya and Zoumana Diassa in Mali has taught farmers how to propagate Gliricidia trees in order to use them for their own agroforestry systems. The training was organised by IPR/IFRA and IER, the local ORM4Soil partners, and counted with the collaboration of the local farmers' associations.

The agroforestry systems with Gliricidia sepium are being tested in on-station and on-farm trials in two sites in Mali, and consist in the intercropping of rows of the perennial Gliricidia tree with local crops - Sorghum and maize in Mafeya, and Cotton and maize in Zoumana Diassa. Preliminary results show that the systems have a positive influence on crops yields, as well as increasing organic matter content and soil pH.