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Nathan Okoth at the 18th Workshop on Sustainable Horticultural Production in the Tropics, Kenya


Nathan gave an oral presentation with the results of his research within the framework of the ORM4Soil project, titled “Effect of selected soil management practices on soil hydrological properties in the Humic Nitisols and the Ferralsols of Kenya”. 
Nathan's work identified poor soil hydrological properties to be intensifying the impact of unavailability of soil moisture due to unreliability of rainfall in rain fed agriculture. It focused on ensuring the available soil moisture is used in the most efficient way possible and reducing losses such as run off and direct evaporation. His work reinforces the notion that soil management practices that can improve soil hydrological properties are recommended to reduce hydrological risks in rain fed crop production. 

The 18th Workshop on Sustainable Horticultural Production in the Tropics (HAK) was held at Taita Taveta University from 26th to 30th of November, 2018. There were a total of 73 presenters from various learning and research institutions, but all were focused on agricultural production. The workshop had as its theme "Strengthening theoretical Research Methods-Systems Modeling/Analysis".